Concept Self Development  - geralt / Pixabay

Welcome to the Love the Process Podcast. This podcast is focused on learning processes and blueprints of individuals who are successful in their fields despite obstacles. This podcast is meant for underprivileged minorities who usually do not have access to the information to help achieve their goals. Some of these individuals do not even know that these goals are possible. One main objective of this podcast is to teach individuals dreams to aim for and the process it takes to get there. The ultimate objective of this podcast is to create detailed how-to guides and action plans for people who need that guidance. We set a goal of 52 guests, 100 How-To Guides, and 1000 subscribers. Once we reach these goals we will launch which we believe is crucial for providing knowledge and actionable steps to apply this knowledge. Follow us on our process, and learn to Love the Process!

Our Initial Goals

Interview 52 masters of their craft

Document their processes and routines

Develop 100 How-To Guides geared towards teaching economic empowerment to the underprivileged communities 

Gain 1000 Subscribers



OUR Goals

Hours of works
Completed hOW-tO GUIDES